Initial Consultation/Assessment Packages

Informal Conversation Free
Conversation & Guidance  100
Developmental Language Assessment

Communication Development Profile (CDP) & Recommendations

Developmental Communication Assessment for child with Complex Needs or ASD

Communication Development Profile (CDP) & Recommendations



Report Writing

Professional Report:

  • ASD
  • EHC Needs assessment  or EHC Plan (SEN Statutory Assessment)

A practical Communication Development Profile is included in the Assessment Packages. This is a more detailed SLT report with additional fee.

Specific ASD Assessment Package 

This is a detailed, specialist SLT report for the diagnostic process.

Consultation, Assessment, Liaison with Locality Professionals & Educational Settings

SEN Report with Needs Analysis for appeal to the first tier SEN Tribunal On request


SEND Communication Support Package

Conversational Calls with Parent/s or School staff over a 12 month period. This can follow an Initial Consultation.

Approx 6 calls (6 hours)




Re-assessment  (child known) 150
Updating Communication Development Profile  (child known)

Cost depends on complexity of Needs Analysis and time required for completion.

Usually approx 2.45 hrs

75 – 100


Intervention Packages/ Communication Coaching/ HANEN

For Hanen Programs materials are shared as part of the sessions, but most families like to buy their own Guidebook from Hanen.

Hourly Rate for Support/Coaching 80
Hanen Parent Programmes delivered individually

Pre-Program Consult

6-8 Training Sessions

3 individual coaching sessions

Hanen Parent Program delivered in a small group of 3 – 6 parents 600
Individual  Language & Communication support using “Ready Steady Go” Program.

Sessions/Coaching is based on Child Language Development: Learning to Talk: Sandra Bochner & Jane Jones

12 months Communication coaching for Parents/ Carers (Communication Development Profile, Goal Areas/ Strategies) 500
School Based Consultation & Support for 6 or 12 months.

Educational settings need to be committed to the approach & advice.

Case by Case Bespoke


SEND support: Listening Ear

Over the years Ruth has spent a lot of time listening and understands more than many the challenges and regular frustrations of parenting when your child has difficulties. This service is offered as a more unique ‘Listening Ear’ for a parent who may need someone to “simply talk’ to who understands and may be able to help with general problem solving. Professionals are increasingly busy following processes and pathways and there is less time to listen and talk. 

Following an initial discussion this option gives you reflective conversation about your child’s progress, development & difficulties. Individual Pricing, usually £50 – £80 an hour. 
6 Months of ‘Listening  Ear” Telephone Calls/ Check in with Ruth. 

(Approx 6 hours)

The calls can be focused on communication skills or more general listening/problem solving relating to being a parent of a child with SEN needs. 


(Therapist Call Back)


Stammering Support

Informal Conversation/General Signposting Free
Initial Assessment/ Short Report  120
Detailed Report/Written Advice 100
Palin PCI (Parent Child Interaction)

Detailed Preliminary Interview (2 hrs)

6 coaching sessions (3 hrs)

Follow Up Phone Contact/s (1 hr)

Intervention other than PCI Hourly rate £80
Stammering Support for 6 or 12 months  Individual pricing


Training for Schools

This is available and agreed on an individual bespoke basis. Ruth’s MA is in Professional Training & Development and various options are available including bespoke packages & Hanen Learning Language & Loving It and Teacher Talk.