Interaction Based Assessment

Assessment & Evaluation

Assessment … Evaluation

Interaction based assessment of each child’s communicative competence (skills, style & challenges in communicating effectively with others. Ruth utilised Teletherapy to talk with you informally about whether to proceed with an assessment. If an assessment is required then the next step will be a detailed parental interview followed by interaction-based evaluation of your child’s communication.… Continue reading Assessment … Evaluation

ASD Diagnostic Process

A Communication Assessment is part of the process when considering whether a child may be on the Autistic Spectrum. There are times when it is difficult to access a Speech & Language Therapy opinion towards a multi-disciplinary diagnosis.  In those situations then a consultation, assessment & report from Ruth may be appropriate. It depends on… Continue reading ASD Diagnostic Process

Specialist Stammering Clinic

Whether we call it Stammering, Dysfluency, Stuttering in the pre-5 years the needs are the same. Speedy evaluation with initial advice. This may be followed by a more in depth parental interview and therapy sessions. Sometimes it is enough to have a conversation and try out some supportive strategies at home and in educational settings.… Continue reading Specialist Stammering Clinic