ASD Diagnostic Process

A Communication Assessment is part of the process when considering whether a child may be on the Autistic Spectrum. There are times when it is difficult to access a Speech & Language Therapy opinion towards a multi-disciplinary diagnosis.  In those situations then a consultation, assessment & report from Ruth may be appropriate. It depends on each localities assessment approach. 

Assessment towards ASD Diagnostic Process

The NICE Clinical Guidelines for diagnosing children with ASD emphasise the importance of a Multi-disciplinary Team approach. If your child can be assessed by a co-ordinated team in your local area which includes and SLT then this would be the preferred best practice approach. Ruth was involved in inputting SLT aspects of the NICE Guidelines in 2011 and commenting on revisions in 2017. 

Autism spectrum disorder in under 19s: recognition, referral and diagnosis (published 2011 and updated in 2017). The Link is below. 

ASD NICE Guidelines for Assessment Link

However there are times when there is limited or even no access to a Specialist SLT opinion to form part of your child’s diagnosis. In these situations and following discussion it is possible for Ruth to offer an evaluation and professional SLT opinion to contribute to your child’s diagnostic assessment.

After assessment then an Assessment & Consultation Report will be compiled. This will focus very specifically on those aspects of communiction development linked to diagnosis. It will outline both your child’s developmental level and style of communication. In technical terms the assessment will focus on social communication skills and any pragmatic language impairment.

The report outlining communication development, style and challenges in communication can be submitted to support the diagnostic process. It is sensible to discuss this with your child’s Paediatrician in case an external report would not be acceptable in your area. 

Following Assessment recommendations for ways of extending your child’s communication skills will be made.